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Registration Committee Decisions

Registration Committee Decisions

The Registrar must process applications in accordance with requirements established under the Act, Regulations and By-laws.

If the Registrar’s decision is unfavorable, an applicant can request a review of the decision by the Registration Committee.  The Registration Committee can determine if the Registrar’s decision was reasonable.

When evaluating the request for review, and in accordance with section 67 of the College By-laws:

(1) On receipt of a request made under section 66, the Registration Committee must consider the request and

  1. affirm or vary the Registrar’s decision or dismiss the request; or
  2. hold a hearing on the merits of the request and, at the conclusion of the hearing, affirm or vary the Registrar’s decision or dismiss the request. 

Decisions may be made public if it they provide licensees and the public with helpful information. Decisions will be redacted for confidentiality before being made public