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Registration and Accommodations – Patent Agent Qualifying Examinations


To write the qualifying examinations, an individual must: 

    • be registered as a Class 3 agent-in-training; 
    • have completed the 24-month training requirement; 
    • submit the exam registration form with applicable fees; and 
    • submit the letter of attestation from their supervisor(s) confirming 
      completion of the training requirement (first-time writers only). 


Registration for the Knowledge Examinations will open January 2, 2024. Registration information for the 2024 Skills Examinations will be published as soon as it is available. The deadline to register as a Class 3 agent-in-training to be considered for 2024 exams – January 31, 2024.

To register to write an exam, a candidate must:

  1. Fill in the Registration Form
  2. *New Writers* submit a letter of attestation issued by their supervisor
  3. Pay the fee

Agents in training must write the qualifying examinations at the first sitting that follows the completion of their training program. Trainees who cannot meet this requirement for reasons beyond their control can request to write them at the next sitting. These requirements are in place so that knowledge and skills are current, and that the trainee can move through the licensure process without delay. Inquiries about these requests can be directed to the Director of Registration at

A test-taker must successfully demonstrate competence on the Knowledge Examination before attempting the Agent Skills Examination.

To register, potential candidates must fill in the registration form below and
submit it to

Patent Knowledge Examination

Registration opens January 2, deadline to register is March 1, 2024.

2024 Knowledge Examination Registration Application

Skills Examinations

Information about registering for the Patent Agent Skills Exam will be provided later in 2024.

Letter of Attestation

New writers are required to submit a letter of attestation issued by their Training Supervisor (Class 1 or 2 Licensee or approved representative from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office) who is familiar with their work and that
clearly describes:

  • the firm or office of the training supervisor with whom the candidate undertook training;
  • the names of training supervisors who were most responsible for supervision of their work
  • the training dates;
  • the nature of the work done by the candidate during their training (e.g., preparing, filing and prosecuting applications, interviewing, research);
  • the nature of the arrangement with the training supervisor or their office or firm (e.g., full time, part time etc.); and
  • confirmation that, in the opinion of the training supervisor, the training has prepared the candidate for writing the Qualifying Examinations.

Previous writers are required to submit the exam registration form but are not required to re-submit the letter of attestation from their training supervisor.

The letter should be e-mailed to by the registration deadlines noted above.


Patent Knowledge Examination – $350 + applicable taxes

Patent Agent Skills Examination:

Part 1 (Component A and B) – $700 + applicable taxes

Part B (Component A and B) – $700 + applicable taxes

Payment information must be provided on the exam registration forms.

Accommodation Requests

Agents-in-training can request reasonable accommodation from the Registrar if they provide medical or other information that demonstrates the need for an accommodation to provide a fair opportunity to successfully complete the requirements for registration as a Patent Agent or Trademark Agent.


For any questions, please contact