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After Training Completion

Some agents who complete their 24-month training period will not pass the qualifying examinations right away, either because of the timing of the exams, or because of an unsuccessful attempt.  

 Agents in this situation are reminded that they cannot: 

  • practice without the requisite supervision 
  • represent any person in the presentation or prosecution of an application for the registration of a patent or trademark, or in other business before CIPO without the requisite supervision 

 According to a new Registrar’s Policy, agents in Training in this situation now have the following three options: 

  1.  Provide confirmation of continued supervision to maintain registration as a Class 3 licensee until they successfully complete the qualifying examinations and apply for a Class 1 licence; 
  2. Sign an Agreement Not to Practice – The Agent in Training can later apply to terminate this agreement if they secure another approved supervised training position. 
  3. Voluntarily surrender their licence- If the Agent in Training secures another approved supervised training position in the future, they can apply for a class 3 licence, and a recognition of prior experience, at that time. 

 Instructions for these three options will be communicated during the upcoming Class 3 renewal process.  

 CPATA has adopted this policy as a way to balance continued public protection with fairness to trainees who are in progress with the qualification process. 

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