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Mandatory continuing professional development expectations are implemented by most regulators and are intended to concentrate on ways that practitioners learn and develop throughout their careers. CPD is also used as a tool to infer current competence. 

The by-laws require class 1 licensees to report their continuing professional development plans annually, and for licensees re-entering practise (i.e., reinstatement to class 1 from class 2 or suspension) to demonstrate they meet continuing professional development requirements, as prescribed by the Registrar. Given that reporting to the College is new, no requirements for CPD were implemented this year. The plan is to survey the profession later in 2022 to establish some baseline data. 

The continuing professional development requirements will be set after consultation with the profession, incorporating evidence and best practices in continuing competency, and recognizing that a significant proportion of licensees are also regulated by other bodies (such as lawyers and engineers) that also mandate similar requirements.