CPATA is the independent public interest regulator of patent agents and trademark agents in Canada.

The College of Patent Agents & Trademark Agents

 (CPATA) is the independent public interest regulator of patent and trademark agents in Canada. With a focus on risk and a commitment to measuring results, CPATA will enhance the public’s access to competent and ethical intellectual property services.

Establishing an effective professional regulator for patent and trademark agents requires input from many –the appointed Board, the profession, government, IPIC, CIPO, the public, the academy and industry. CPATA will work with all stakeholders to build an infrastructure enabling it to meet its goals. Ongoing consultation and dialogue with all stakeholders is vital to CPATA’s success.

CPATA’s initial work is to build a regulatory infrastructure including regulations, by-laws and a code of conduct. It will develop programs vital to regulation starting with registration and complaints, through processes to establish competence standards for new agents and create flexible risk-based complaint investigations. It will administer the examinations for new agents. Liability insurance, continuing professional development and pro bono requirements will need to be addressed. The College will be lean in its operations with a small staff of professional regulators who administer CPATA’s operations and work with the Board and committees to ensure effective policy development and implementation.

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