CPATA’s offices will be closed December 25 to January 1 inclusively for the holidays.

Please note that CPATA’s offices will be closed on Monday, February 19 for Family Day


Juda Strawczynski CEO and Registrar –   

The CEO & Registrar is responsible for all aspects of CPATA’s operations. Juda works closely with the Board of Directors to develop and execute the Board’s directions to establish and maintain a modern, risk-focused regulator. CPATA’s priority is to protect the public interest in the delivery of patent and trademark services. As Registrar, he addresses all regulatory matters involving registration, investigation of complaints and discipline. The CEO speaks on behalf of the College.   

Jen SlabodkinDirector of Registration and Education, Deputy Registrar –   

The Director of Registration is the Deputy Registrar who provides strategic and operational leadership to advance CPATA’s registration, education and examination processes. Responsible for all aspects of CPATA’s registration process, Jen receives and reviews all applications to register as a Class 3 licensee, to change among the classes of licence and to surrender a licence. She also works with the Board of Examiners to administer all aspects of the on-line qualification examinations. 

Victoria Rees – General Counsel, Professional Regulation 

The General Counsel – Professional Regulation supports CPATA in achieving excellence in the College’s regulatory and governance functions. Victoria supports the work of the CEO in ensuring the College complies with the CPATA Act, Regulations, By-laws and policies, and other relevant legislative requirements. Victoria manages the professional responsibility program by providing ethics guidance to licensees, addressing agent conduct concerns and complaints, including concerns of unauthorized practice, managing licensee investigations and prosecutions, and providing professional and policy development support to the Investigations Committee, among others.  

Sean Walker – Chief Financial Officer  –  

The Chief Financial Officer is a part-time, outsourced position (Baker Tilly). In this role, Sean supports the Board of Directors and Audit & Risk Committee with advice and reporting on Financial and Strategic Planning. He oversees all financial matters of the organization including budgeting, financial reporting, legislative compliance and risk management. He supports the organization and staff on all day-to-day financial activities with the use of an outsourced team. Sean creates financial and operational policies and procedures, ensuring they meet or exceed compliance requirements and best practice standards. 

Andrés Díaz Operations Manager –    

The Operations Manager is responsible for all systems used by the College. Andrés ensures efficient access by registrants to maintain up to date information in the Agent Portal, which is published on the Register of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents. He ensures the integrity of licensee information retrieved and extracted from all sources and is the primary source of contact for licensees about their licenses and their renewal, fees and updating of information. Andrés also serves as CPATA’s Privacy Officer (, who oversees all Privacy inquiries and provides information about the College’s Privacy Policies. The Officer handles access to and correction of personal information.  

Dana Dragomir – Communications Officer –   

The Communications Officer is responsible for developing and implementing CPATA’s communications strategy and regular communications within the profession through a variety of digital platforms and other channels. The position is bilingual as the College’s materials are published in Canada’s two official languages. Dana is the College’s webmaster and is responsible for the content and maintenance of the website. She is the primary source of information about CPATA for the public.   

Anne-Thiphaine CamusAdministrator – Registration & Education  

The Administrator – Registration & Education administers policies and procedures in accordance with the CPATA Act. Thiphaine assists the Deputy Registrar with the administration of the qualifying examinations and she prepares prospective agents’ submissions for registration. Thiphaine also provides administrative support for Disciplinary cases in consultation with the General Counsel – Professional Responsibility.

Vicci Sakkas – Administrative Coordinator    

The Administrative Coordinator provides administrative support to the Board and to various Committees and departments within the organization. In addition, Vicci helps agents access and update their profiles via the Licensee Portal, supports annual licence renewal, updates firm affiliations and processes application payments for agents. Vicci also coordinates the College’s disciplinary proceedings when required.

Kathryne OuelletteAdministrative Assistant – Registration & Education – 

Kathryne provides administrative support to CPATA on a part-time basis to ensure prompt processing of registration and education files and to support CPATA’s communications