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Information – Trademark Agent Qualifying Examinations

Starting in 2024, to become licensed as a Trademark Agent, a person (in addition to meeting other requirements) must successfully complete the required training and the following qualifying examinations:

  • Trademark Knowledge Examination
  • Trademark Agent Skills Examination

Only Class 3 agents-in-training who have completed the training requirement are eligible to register for the exams.

2024 Dates

The deadline to register as a Class 3 agent-in-training to be considered for 2024 exams – January 31, 2024

Trademark Knowledge Examinations – March 5, 2024

  • Registration Deadline – February 16, 2024
  • Accommodation Request Deadline – February 23, 2024
  • Candidate Orientation – February 13, 2024
  • Live Proctor Check-in – February 26 – March 1, 2024
  • Results release – May 1, 2024

Trademark Agent Skills Examinations – September 18-19, 2024

  • Registration Deadline – August 16, 2024  
  • Accommodation Request Deadline – August 16, 2024  
  • Candidate Orientation – September 3, 2024 2-4pm ET 
  • Live Proctor Check-in – September 9-13, 2024 
  • Results Release – TBD  

Tentative 2025 Dates

The deadline to register as a Class 3 agent-in-training to be considered for 2025 Winter exams – October 31, 2024

Winter Trademark Knowledge Examination – February 11, 2025  

  • Registration Deadline – January 10, 2025 
  • Accommodation Request Deadline – January 10, 2025 
  • Candidate Orientation – January 21, 2025 
  • Live Proctor Check-in – February 3-7, 2025  
  • Results release – TBD 

The deadline to register as a Class 3 agent-in-training to be considered for 2025 Spring exams – February 28, 2025

Spring Trademark Knowledge Examination – May 27, 2025 

  • Registration Deadline – April 25, 2025 
  • Accommodation Request Deadline – April 25, 2025 
  • Candidate Orientation – May 6, 2025 
  • Live Proctor Check-in – May 19-23, 2025  
  • Results release – TBD 

Exam Details

The Trademark Knowledge Examination evaluates the trademark-related, knowledge-based technical competencies specified in the College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents Technical Competencies.

Format: Online, closed book
Length: 4 hours
Questions: 135 multiple-choice questions with 4 possible answers

A test-taker must successfully demonstrate competence on the Knowledge Examination before attempting the Agent Skills Examination.



The Trademark Agent Skills Examination evaluates the trademark-related, skills-based technical competencies specified in the College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents Technical Competencies.

Format: online, limited open-book format (test-takers receiving electronic access to the Trademarks Act, RSC 1985, c T-13 and Trademarks Regulations, SOR/2018-227).
Length: 3 hours on day 1, 3 hours on day 2
Questions: long and short answer written responses

The 2 components are scored together as a single examination.




Trademark Knowledge Examination – $350 + applicable taxes

Trademark Agent Skills Examination – $700 + applicable taxes (this includes Components A and B)

Request for Delayed Examinations

The By-laws require licensees to write examinations at the first sitting that follows the completion of their training program. However, if a licensee is not able to write the examinations as required, for a reason beyond their control, the Registrar may, on request of the licensee, allow them to write the examinations at the next administration. Please review the Registrar’s Policy on Requests for Delayed Examinations for more information regarding submitting a request.

Maximum Number of Attempts & Remedial Education

The By-laws allow agents in training who do not initially receive a passing mark on the qualifying examinations to write them only one additional time and must do so at the first sitting that takes place after they receive their examination results. Because agents in training complete their training programs at different times throughout the year and the dates of the examinations are fixed on an annual basis, to ensure fairness, the Registrar’s Policy on Maximum Number of Examination Attempts & Remedial Training  was adopted. Please review the policy for more information.

Invalidating an Examination Result

Under certain circumstances, an examination result may be invalidated. The Registrar’s Policy on Invalidating an Examination Result was adopted for the consideration of those scenarios. Please review the policy for more information.

Candidates who Passed Part of the Qualifying Examinations Previously

Please note, there will be no carry forward of previously passed Parts after 2023. For example, if a candidate has passed Part A but not Part B, they will not be able to carry forward Part A after 2023. In other words, they will start the exam process from the beginning, with the Knowledge Exams, in 2024.


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