CPATA’s offices will be closed December 25 to January 1 inclusively for the holidays.

Please note that CPATA’s offices will be closed on Monday, July 1 for Canada Day

Renewal Details

Licence Renewal: February 15 – April 2, 2024

Licence renewal will open for all licensees (Class 1, 2, 3 and 4, but not foreign practitioners) on February 15. The deadline to complete the annual licence renewal process, including the mandatory declaration questions and fee payment, is April 2, 2024. Licences will remain active until that date. Firms with 5 or more licensees will be able to submit payment to CPATA on their agents’ behalf. 

New Licensee Portal

CPATA has migrated to a new Licensee Portal and Public Register. Over time, this new system will allow us to build advanced features and improved functionalities to contribute to a positive user experience. CPATA’s previous Licensee Portal link has been decommissioned and no longer works. Licensees must activate their account in the new Portal in order to begin the licence renewal process. 

Class 3 Renewal

Previously, Class 3 agents-in-training renewed their licence on the anniversary of their registration. As per CPATA’s new By-laws, Class 3 licensees must now renew their licences along with the rest of CPATA’s licensees.

CPATA’s Licence Classes Starting May 1, 2023

Class 1 licensees have full practice rights, including presenting and prosecuting before CIPO.

Class 2 licensees have restricted practise rights. This means that they can do everything that a Class 1 agent can do with the exception of presenting and prosecuting before CIPO.

Class 3 licensees are agents-in-training: an agent who is currently in training under the supervision of an approved Class 1 or Class 2 agent, or a representative of CIPO. These licensees are permitted to appear before and communicate with CIPO with the guidance of their approved Training Supervisor.

Class 4 licensees are considered “inactive” or “non-practising”, whether temporarily or permanently, and are not permitted to practise the competencies identified in the Technical Competency Profiles for Patent Agents and Trademark Agents as agents or hold themselves out as an active, practising agent. 


Annual fee amounts for 2024 are:


2024 fee  

Class 1 active patent agent OR 

Class 1 active trademark agent 

$1,800         per licence

Class 1 active patent AND trademark agent (dual licence) 

$2,700       per licence

*NEW CONDITIONS* Class 2 restricted patent agent OR 

 trademark agent 

$1,500        per licence

*NEW CONDITIONS* Class 2 restricted patent AND trademark agent (dual licence) 

$2,250       per licence

Class 3 agent-in-training, first and second years 

$150           per licence

Class 3 agent-in-training, third and subsequent years 

$200           per licence

*NEW* Class 4 inactive patent agent OR  trademark agent  

$100           per licence

Changing Licence Class

Licensees can apply to change licence class by filling in an application form.


If you have any questions, please contact us.