CPATA will be closed on Monday, May 22 for Victoria Day.


New applications

Any individual outside of Canada who is authorized to act as a patent/trademark agent under the law of that country can apply for inclusion on the register by filling out the form below.

Maintaining Registration for 2023

Individuals who were Foreign Practitioners listed on CIPO’s register of patent agents or list of trademark agents were transferred automatically to the respective CPATA register. The Regulations and Board By-laws allow for Foreign Practitioners (or “Non-Resident Agent” for the purposes of the Board By-laws) to maintain their name on the Register if they provide a signed statement annually to the Registrar setting out their country of residence and proof, furnished by the relevant competent authority in the person’s country of residence, that they are authorized to act as a patent agent or trademark agent, as the case may be, under the law of that country.

Foreign Practitioners must complete the form below, pay the annual fee of $180, and return the form with payment to the Director, Registration & Education, by no later than June 30, 2023, to maintain their name on the Register until renewal in the spring of 2024.