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Scoring, Results and Re-Correction


Trademark Agent Qualifying Examination

To pass the examination, a candidate must obtain at least 65% of the marks for each part of the exam.  

NEW FOR 2022 ONLY: Candidates who receive the minimum passing mark of 65% on either Part A or Part B will be able to carry forward the successful part to 2023 ONLY.  Therefore, both Parts A and B will be marked for all candidates.  

Candidates who are not successful with both Parts A and B in 2022 and 2023 will be required to start the new qualifying examination process in 2024. There will be NO carry forward of incomplete examination results once the new exam process starts in 2024.  

The analysis of the legacy exams allowed CPATA to confirm that the content tested on each part of the TMAQE is separate and distinct, and that the 2023 exam will be developed using a similar blueprint to 2022.  

Within the context of providing professional IP services, the public is at risk when practitioners are incompetent, unethical and/or incapacitated. Candidates who demonstrate competency in both parts of the TMAQE should be eligible for licensure. There is no demonstrable link between competence and whether both parts were passed during the same sitting.  

Allowing candidates to carry forward successful parts of the TMAQE from 2022 to 2023 supports the Regulatory Objectives, Standards and Principles framework by: 

  • Ensuring licensees deliver services competently. 
  • Improving access to services. 
  • Protecting the public by making fair decisions supported by appropriate, objective evidence. 
  • Providing fairness and transparency to candidates.   

Both qualifying examinations (for trademark agents and patent agents) are being redesigned for implementation in 2024. They will be based on updated blueprints that do not map to the current exam regime. Therefore, carry forward of any exam components will not be permitted once the new exam regime is in place.  

Patent Agent Qualifying Examination

Candidates must obtain at least 50 marks (50%) on each paper and have a total of 240 marks on the 4 papers written in 2021 or previously under CIPO’s exam regime. 100 marks are available for each paper. Candidates may write 1 or more papers. Marks from a previous paper, on which a grade of 60 marks (60%) or more was achieved, may carry that mark forward to this year.

If candidates rewrite a paper on which they scored at least 60 marks (60%) in a previous year, will keep the marks of the most recent paper.

For example:

  • A candidate writing all four papers in a single year, with marks of: 58, 52, 77 and 54, for a total of 241, would receive an overall pass.
  • A candidate writing all four papers in a single year, with marks of: 48, 62, 77 and 54, for a total of 241, would not pass because the score of one paper is less than 50. However, a candidate would retain their scores of 62 and 77 for the subsequent years.
  • A candidate writing all four papers in a single year, with marks of: 50, 54, 67 and 52, for a total of 223, would not pass. However, a candidate would retain the score of 67 for the subsequent years.
  • A candidate with a score of 75 on a paper in 2016 decides to rewrite the same paper in 2017 and obtains 67. The score of 67 will then be retained as it is the most recent.

Results & Re-Correction

The fee to request a failed examination re-correction is $200.00 plus applicable taxes.

Dates for 2022 Results Release:


Trademark Agent Qualifying Examination

Patent Agent Qualifying Examination

Results Release

January 30, 2023February 6, 2023

Material Request Deadline

February 10, 2023February 17, 2023

Re-Correction Request Deadline

March 3, 2023March 10, 2023

Re-Correction Results Release

March 27, 2023April 3, 2023