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Confirming Identity

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NAME OF POLICYConfirming Identity

College By-laws Sections 9(e) and 12(e)1

RegistrarMarch 20, 2023  

In this policy:

  1. “Applicant” means an individual who has applied for registration as a Class 3 Agent in Training licensee.


The College’s registration program ensures individuals applying to be an Agent in Training confirm their identity. This deters fraud thereby contributing to the prevention of harm to users of IP agent services.

For the purposes of meeting the registration requirements, the College requires applicants to provide one of the following with their application:


      1. An electronic copy of one (1) current, unaltered passport photo. The photo must have been taken no more than six (6) months before the date of the application. The back of the photo must be signed by the applicant and certified by a guarantor. OR


      1. An electronic copy of one (1) government-issued photo identification. To be considered acceptable, the identification must include the applicant’s name, date of birth, photo and signature. The piece of photo identification must be valid at the time of the application. See Appendix A for examples of valid acceptable identification. The copy must be signed by the applicant and certified by a guarantor.

Guarantors must:

    1. have known the applicant for at least 2 years;
    2. be available if we need to contact them; and
    3. be at least 18 years of age or older.


  1. An applicant will obtain either the passport photo (as described above) or copy of their government-issued photo identification.

  2. The applicant will sign the back of the photo or the copy of their government-issued photo identification.

  3. The applicant’s guarantor will clearly write “I certify this to be a true likeness of (applicant’s name).” and sign the back of the photo, or copy of the government-issued photo identification.

  4. The Registrar will consider the evidence submitted by the applicant to ensure that adequate information has been provided to confirm their identity.

  5. The Registrar’s decision will be communicated to the applicant in writing, and instructions will be provided for requesting a review of the Registrar’s decision to the Registration Committee should the Registrar deem the confirmation of identity requirement unmet for any reason.


Appendix A

Valid acceptable identification includes2 :

  • passport
    • an international passport is acceptable if it includes the name, date of birth, photo and signature of the applicant and, if not in English or French, is accompanied by a professionally translated version
  • driver’s license
  • enhanced driver’s license
  • Canadian military identification card
  • government-issued identification card
  • government-issued enhanced identification card
  • health card
  • Canadian citizenship Certificate
  • Canadian permanent resident card

1 Provide a specimen signature, a current photograph and any other information required to confirm identity

2 These are considered valid acceptable examples by the Federal Government.