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Registration Committee

The Registration Committee assists the Registrar in administering the College’s licensing requirements. The Committee:

  • approves standards for the evaluation of competencies and passing marks for the qualifying examinations; and
  • when requested by an applicant or a licensee, reviews decisions made by the Registrar under the By-laws.  

The Registration Committee is composed of a representative from the Patent Office and Office of the Registrar of Trademarks, licensees and members of the public. When reviewing a decision of the Registrar, the Registration Committee can request additional information, approve applications (with or without conditions), and conduct registration hearings. Decisions of the Registration Committee cannot be appealed to the Board.

Registration Committee: Terms of Reference

Registration Committee: Skills Matrix

Committee Members 
  • Tina McKay Chair/présidente (2024)
  • Heidi Jensen (2024)
  • Jeffrey Orser
  • Mark Pioro (2024)
  • Hilary Rose (2024)
  • Natalie de Paulsen
  • Staff – Jen Slabodkin


Regulatory decisions are made in accordance with Board Policy No. 2 – Regulatory Objectives, Standards and Principles. Registration and discipline decisions are posted on the College’s website to: 

  • protect and promote the public interest in patent and trademark services; 
  • protect those who use patent and trademark services; and
  • ensure Licensees deliver patent and trademark services ethically and competently.

Decisions by the Registrar and Regulatory Committees incorporate these important principles: 

  • focus on the public interest;
  • are made in a timely manner, under processes proportionate to the risk involved and targeted only at cases in which action is needed;                                 
  • are consistent;
  • are fair and seen to be fair;
  • are transparent and explain the process.