College Committees

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee assists the Registrar in administering the College’s licensing requirements. The Committee:

  • approves standards for the evaluation of competencies and passing marks for the qualifying examinations; and
  • when requested by an applicant or a licensee, reviews decisions made by the Registrar under the By-laws.  

The Registration Committee is composed of a representative from the Patent Office and Office of the Registrar of Trademarks, licensees and members of the public. When reviewing a decision of the Registrar, the Registration Committee can request additional information, approve applications (with or without conditions), and conduct registration hearings. Decisions of the Registration Committee cannot be appealed to the Board.

Registration Committee: Terms of Reference

Registration Committee: Skills Matrix

Committee Members 
  • Tina McKay
  • Mark Pioro
  • Jeffrey Orser 
  • Martin Béliveau 
  • Hilary Rose
  • Heidi Jensen

Investigations Committee

The Investigations Committee is responsible for supporting the Board’s professional regulation and public protection mandate under the Act, Regulations, By-laws, Policies, Regulatory Objectives, Standards and Principles.  They will do this by:

  • Supporting the ethical and competent delivery of patent and trademark services by licensees
  • Seeking to resolve complaints and educate licensees where appropriate
  • Investigating or directing the investigation of complaints of professional misconduct or incompetence
  • Providing comprehensive, transparent and principled decisions to parties
  • Implementing policies and procedures to support a complaints process that is efficient, effective, fair, transparent and accountable

The Investigations Committee may dismiss or attempt to resolve complaints, issue advice or warnings to licensees, or refer matters to the Discipline Committee where there is evidence of professional misconduct or incompetence.

Investigations Committee: Terms of Reference

Investigations Committee: Skills Matrix

Committee Members 
  • Kristin Dangerfield
  • Herman Van Ommen
  • Sanjay Goorachurn
  • Pierre Cantin
  • Barb Murchie

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee supports the College’s public protection mandate by hearing complaints (applications) of professional misconduct and/or incompetence referred to it by the Investigations Committee, in accordance with its authority under the Act, Regulations, By-laws and Policies, and with a view to the Regulatory Objectives, Standards and Principles.  The Committee may conduct its work through panels of 3 or 5, with a majority being non-licensees, or by the Chair alone in specified circumstances.

Hearings are conducted in public, and all policies and procedures will be published on the College’s website.  The work of the Discipline Committee will be transparent, fair, efficient, principled and proportionate, with written decisions and reasons supported by evidence that has been considered in a balanced and unbiased manner.  All decisions will be public.

Discipline Committee: Terms of Reference

Discipline Committee: Skills Matrix

Committee Members 
  • Marcel Mongeon
  • Jay Sengupta 
  • Ray Anand
  • Benoit Yelle
  • Kathleen Lickers
  • Charles Boulakia
  • Jean Whittow

Governance and Nominating Committee

The Governance & Nominating Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its governance responsibilities one of which is to promote an orderly and effective succession of Directors and committee members. As well the Committee will address Board, committee and CEO evaluation, which will be crucial for the College to fulfill its commitment to continuous improvement.

Governance and Nominating Committee: Terms of Reference

Governance and Nominating Committee: Skills Matrix

Audit and Risk Committee

The Risk & Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling in fulfilling its fiduciary obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to financial planning, the audit process, financial reporting, the system of corporate controls and risk management, and when required, to make recommendations to the Board for approval.

Audit and Risk Committee: Terms of Reference

Audit and Risk Committee: Skills Matrix