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Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee supports the College’s public protection mandate by hearing complaints (applications) of professional misconduct and/or incompetence referred to it by the Investigations Committee, in accordance with its authority under the Act, Regulations, By-laws and Policies, and with a view to the Regulatory Objectives, Standards and Principles.  The Committee may conduct its work through panels of 3 or 5, with a majority being non-licensees, or by the Chair alone in specified circumstances.

Hearings are conducted in public, and all policies and procedures will be published on the College’s website.  The work of the Discipline Committee will be transparent, fair, efficient, principled and proportionate, with written decisions and reasons supported by evidence that has been considered in a balanced and unbiased manner.  All decisions will be public.

Discipline Committee: Terms of Reference

Discipline Committee: Skills Matrix

Committee Members
  • Marcel Mongeon – Chair/président
  • Raj Anand
  • Charles Boulakia
  • Jay Sengupta
  • Benoit Yelle
  • Jean Whittow
  • Sam Lanctin
  • Guy Joubert 
  • Susan Boulter
  • Staff – Victoria Rees QC