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License Status and Class Changes

Changes for the period of December 3, 2022 – January 6, 2023

*Last updated: January 9, 2023

Agent NameLicence TypeLicence Status or Class ChangeEffective Date
Hansol YooPatent AgentClass 3 application2022-11-18
Jane HuangTrademark AgentClass 3 application2022-12-08
Lina BensaidaneTrademark AgentSuspended Class 3 Licence2022-12-08
Francesco SillettaTrademark AgentClass 3 application2022-12-08
Paul SchwartzTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 1 Licence2022-12-13
Sabrina CobisaTrademark AgentClass 3 application2022-12-13
Janice YuenTrademark AgentSuspended Class 3 Licence2022-12-19
Michael MaddalenaTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 1 Licence2023-01-06
Kevin ScottTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 1 Licence2023-01-06
Janna OuelletteTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 3 Licence2023-01-06