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License Status and Class Changes

Changes for the period of January 16 – February 15, 2024

*Last updated: February 20, 2024

Agent NameLicence TypeLicence Status or Class ChangeEffective Date
Aaraf DewanPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-24
Adam LakustaPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-24
Alain AlphonsePatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-31
Aleen PangkaPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-31
Alex BrkichTrademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Alexandre PagéPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Alice LinPatent AgentSurrendered Class 2 Licence2024-02-01
Alissa HyppolitePatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-29
Allison GoldmanPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-30
Allison MillsPatent AgentChange to Class 4 Licence2024-01-30
Ameet PatelPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Andrea LawrieTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-24
Andrea NgoPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-25
Anita FungPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Anjli PatelTrademark AgentChange to Class 4 Licence2024-01-24
Avi ZimmermanTrademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Catherine MutalaTrademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Charlotte DongPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-24
Christine PichéPatent AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Christopher KowalPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-25
Donald CameronTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 1 Licence2024-01-19
Elizabeth GrayPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-30
Genevieve  BechardTrademark AgentChange to Class 4 Licence2024-02-12
Geng LiuTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 2 Licence2024-01-25
Gianfranco ScipioneTrademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Gillian BurrellPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-19
Hansol YooPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-29
Iasha ChaudhryPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Ingrid SchmidtPatent Agent and Trademark AgentChange to Class 4 Licence2024-02-12
Iris NgoPatent Agent in TrainingClass 3 Application2024-02-13
Isaac PouliotPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-30
Jasminder BrarTrademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Jennifer KoPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-19
Julie MacdonellTrademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Julien VerneauPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Juliusz SzereszewskiPatent AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Karen ChowPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Kimberley ConroyTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Kwang Joo KimTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-24
Kwang Joo KimPatent Agent in TrainingReinstatement to Class 3 Licence2024-01-18
Laura ThompsonTrademark AgentChange to Class 4 Licence2024-01-25
Lina BensaidaneTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Linda ThompsomPatent AgentSurrendered Class 2 Licence2024-01-25
Louis Dubé-RiopelPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Luca ManfrediPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-19
Lukesh PrasharPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-31
Marc LupienPatent AgentSurrendered Class 2 Licence2024-02-01
Mary KooTrademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Matthew NorwoodPatent AgentChange to Class 4 Licence2024-01-24
Michael CooperPatent Agent and Trademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Michael McHughPatent AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Mike MyschyshynPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-29
Monique HensonPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-24
Nancy PierrePatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-29
Natasha GulatiPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-25
Ouassim HamdiPatent Agent in TrainingClass 3 Application2024-01-30
Paige NewmanPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-25
Pierre-Emmanuel MoyseTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 2 Licence2024-01-19
Richard GotlibTrademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Richard WillemantTrademark AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12
Robert ShekPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-25
Sarah DalgettyTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-23
Sebastian BernardsTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 2 Licence2024-01-25
Sharon HoPatent Agent and Trademark AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-29
Sri Dhevi Santhana DassTrademark AgentChange to Class 4 Licence2024-01-18
Sri Dhevi Santhana DassTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-18
Steven ChoiPatent AgentChange to Class 4 Licence2024-01-24
Stuart WilkinsonPatent AgentSurrendered Class 1 Licence2024-01-02
Sunil RaoPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-24
Thomas SutherlandPatent AgentClass 1 Application2024-01-24
Tina DekkerPatent Agent in TrainingClass 3 Application2024-01-30
Xiang LuPatent AgentSuspended Class 2 Licence2024-02-12