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License Status and Class Changes

Changes for the period of July 29 – September 4, 2023

*Last updated: September 5, 2023

Agent NameLicence TypeLicence Status or Class ChangeEffective Date
Alina BogdanovicaForeign Practitioner Trademark RegistrationApplication for Inclusion8/31/2023
Andrew MorrisonTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 1 Licence8/11/2023
Carol MiernickiPatent AgentChange to Class 4 Licence8/31/2023
Cheryl ClarkinForeign Practitioner Trademark RegistrationApplication for Inclusion8/10/2023
Divya SubramanianTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 3 Licence 8/31/2023
Donald CameronTrademark AgentClass 3 Application8/31/2023
Dylan BraamTrademark AgentClass 3 Application8/31/2023
Francesco MazzeoForeign Practitioner Patent RegistrationSurrendered Foreign Practitioner Registration8/11/2023
Guochan MaPatent AgentChange to Class 4 Licence8/31/2023
James RamsbottomTrademark AgentClass 3 Application8/11/2023
John LambertTrademark AgentClass 3 Application8/31/2023
Julieanne ParnaTrademark AgentClass 3 Application8/10/2023
Keri JohnstonTrademark AgentChange to Class 4 Licence8/10/2023
Maxwell WongPatent AgentSuspended Class 3 Licence8/28/2023
Patrick MarchTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 3 Licence 8/31/2023
Qiang XiaForeign Practitioner Trademark RegistrationApplication for Inclusion8/11/2023
Richard SchaubTrademark AgentClass 3 Application8/3/2023
Shoshanna PaulTrademark AgentClass 3 Application8/3/2023
Stephen HuyckeTrademark AgentChange to Class 4 Licence8/31/2023
Walter ChanPatent AgentChange to Class 4 Licence8/11/2023
Walter ChanPatent AgentClass 1 Application8/11/2023