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License Status and Class Changes

Changes for the period of February 7 – March 6, 2023

*Last updated: March 7, 2023

Agent NameLicence TypeLicence Status or Class ChangeEffective Date
Aaron EdgarPatent AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-02-08
Afshaan Jiwaji KapasiTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2023-02-09
Alexandra AllouchTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-03
Andrei MincovTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-02-08
Andrey VapniarskyForeign Practitioner Patent and TrademarkApplication for Inclusion2023-02-23
Any Obando OspinaTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2023-02-09
Carolina Alves PereiraTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2023-03-03
Carrie SchulzTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Céline KowbelTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 1 Licence2023-02-17
Christine MaurettePatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-02
Christopher PibusTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Coleen MorrisonTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-03-03
Elizabeth Hugh TalluriPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-02
Eric FinchamPatent AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Filip BoskovicPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-02
Geoffrey NorthTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-03-03
Gerlinde Van DrielTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-02-08
Heather RobertsonTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-03-03
Iris CheungPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-01
Irwin SteinbergTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-02-08
Isabelle RiedlPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-02
Iwan DaviesTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-02-23
Jack LaurionTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Jamie HolroydTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2023-02-15
Janice AyotteTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Jean-François JolyPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-02
Jessie BelotTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
John AucoinTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2023-02-09
John JahchanPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-01
Joseph RobinsonPatent Agent and Trademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-03-03
Justin ThussPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-02-15
Karen HansenTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-03-03
Keith ChowPatent Agent and Trademark AgentClass 3 Application2023-02-09
Kimberley ConroyPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-02-15
Lana Elizabeth JanesPatent AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-02-08
Laurence DanisPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-02-15
Lawin SalahTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2023-03-03
Lawrence CrossanTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-02-08
Lawrence CrossanTrademark AgentReinstatement to Class 12023-03-03
Lina BensaidaneTrademark AgentReinstatement to Class 32023-02-23
Lindsay BaileyTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-02-08
Mark BlumbergTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-03-03
Marlenne DossTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 1 Licence2023-03-03
Melissa HeywoodTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Meryem MounaTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-02-14
Michael ChevalierTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2023-02-15
Michael TrippTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Mirek WaraksaPatent AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
N.W.C. RossTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Nicholas CartelTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-02-23
Parnian SoltanipanahPatent AgentClass 3 Application2023-03-03
Ray KovarikPatent AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-02
Rob KittredgeTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-02-08
Ronald BitnerPatent AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Ronald CraneTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Samuel FrishmanTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 2 Licence2023-02-09
Saralyn PurdieTrademark AgentSurrendered Class 3 Licence2023-03-03
Scot PatriquinTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Singa BuiTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Sri Dhevi Santhana DassTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2023-02-09
Steven HoeungTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-01
Sydney YoungTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2023-02-13
Tamarah LukTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-03-03
Tariq RemtullaTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-03-03
Tony MorrisTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Trisha WilliamsTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2023-03-03
Trishna SawhneyTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2023-02-09
Victor SgroTrademark AgentSuspended Class 1 Licence2023-03-01
Virginia GalpinPatent AgentClass 3 Application2023-03-03
William AudetTrademark AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-02
Wissam AounTrademark AgentChange to Class 2 Licence2023-02-23
Zi Feng WangPatent Agent and Trademark AgentClass 1 Application2023-03-03