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License Status and Class Changes

Changes for the period of September 6 – October 3, 2022

*Last updated: September 29, 2022

Agent NameLicence TypeLicence Status or Class ChangeEffective Date
Alexandra AllouchTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-09
Ashley WingesTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-21
Avery LeePatent AgentSurrender Class 32022-09-13
Bianca LessardTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-27
Chelsea PhamPatent AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-21
Cheryl PowerTrademark AgentReinstatement to Class 22022-09-13
Chloé CombresTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-21
Colin RussellPatent AgentClass 1 Application2022-09-12
Dian ThompsonTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-27
George DarbyForeign Practitioner Patent & TrademarkApplication for Inclusion2022-09-27
Gurbir Singh SidhuTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-16
Hyun Woo ChoiTrademark AgentSurrender Class 32022-09-21
Jacquelyn SmalleyTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-16
Joshua JeyakumarPatent AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-12
Laura CrimiTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-21
Mélanie Cabot-BlondinPatent AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-12
Mélanie Cabot-BlondinPatent AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-09
Norman CameronPatent Agent & Trademark AgentChange to Class 22022-09-23
Queeny Marie NocheTrademark AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-21
Robert BakerPatent AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-27
Rongyi CaiTrademark AgentSurrender Class 32022-09-26
Ryan SanftTrademark AgentSuspended Class 3 Licence2022-09-27
Shan ZhuForeign Practitioner TrademarkApplication for Inclusion2022-09-21
Yasmina BoulahiaPatent AgentClass 3 Application2022-09-21
Yulia VasilyevaTrademark AgentSurrender Class 32022-09-15