Policy Register

The By-laws mandate initial regulatory decisions in the Registration and Complaints areas are made by the Registrar. They are made in accordance with the Regulatory Objectives, Standards and Principles. The policy and procedures that must be followed to enable a decision are set out in the Registrar’s Policies. 

For example, if a person wants to apply to become a Patent Agent in Training, The Registrar’s Policies set out what an application must contain, the forms to be used, the factors the Registrar will consider when making a decision, the basis for seeking additional information, and how the decision is communicated to the applicant.

Registrar’s Policies also address how concerns about an agent are addressed, how the goal of early resolution of expressed concerns is achieved and how matters that raise issues of misconduct or incompetence are reviewed before a recommendation is made to the Investigations Committee. 

The By-laws prescribe the Registrar’s authority and what processes follow a Registrar decision. They require all Registrar’s Policies be published.

The Policy Register outlines the Policies.

Policy Register
By-law Registrar’s Policy
Registration Bylaw 9, 12, 23 Canadian Residence