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Board Policy 4 – Board and Committee Remuneration

Table of Contents

NAME OF POLICYBd. Policy No. 4 – Board and Committee Remuneration

 s. 79(7)1 and s. 182

Board By-law 28

BoardJanuary 19, 2021Q4 2022 



As an independent public interest regulator, members of the Board of Directors bring expertise and skills to set the policy direction for the College. They are not volunteering and should receive reasonable compensation reflecting the value of the time and work they perform on behalf of the College.


Board members should not incur personal costs because of their work on the College’s Board or Committees.

Board Compensation

Board members will receive compensation based on a per diem rate adjusted occasionally.


The per diem rate is set to reflect the value of the work, time spent at meetings and to prepare for them and the risks assumed by the Board. It follows rates paid to GIC appointments by the Treasury Board of Canada.


A per diem rate is payable for:


  • Preparation for and attendance at meetings of the Board and College committees or subcommittees (including participation by electronic means);
  • travel time, if the time required to travel between the meeting place and the normal place of residence exceeds three hours;
  • representational responsibilities designated by the Board.


Per diem rates are paid for preparation for and attendance at meetings over four (4) hours.


Preparation for and attendance at meetings of less than four(4) hours are paid at 50% of the per diem rate.


Per diem rates are $550 for Board members and $750 for the Board Chair.

Travel and Accommodations

Travel is compensated for economy class3 fares for air and train travel.

Ground transportation associated with air or train travel is compensated.

Travel by car is compensated at the per kilometer rate paid by the Treasury Board

International travel with flight times exceeding six (6) hours may be in Business or Executive Class.

Accommodations will be reimbursed at the hotel rate negotiated by the College for attendance at in person Board or Committee meetings or at the designated conference venue, if travel is to attend a conference on behalf of the College.

Reasonable meal expenses will be reimbursed.

Receipts must be provided for reimbursement of any expenses.

1. 79(7)Before the coming-into-force day, the College may pay the remuneration and expenses that it fixes to the directors

2. 18 The College may pay to the directors the remuneration and expenses that are determined in accordance with the by-laws.

3. Economy class is that class of travel which is immediately below ‘business’ or ‘executive’ class.