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Competency Initiative

CPATA’s primary concern is to protect the public, and our first line of activity is to ensure that practitioners – both new and experienced – are professionally competent. By ‘competent’, we mean they are technically competent and act ethically in the work they do as IP agents. A focus on professional competence is the most effective way to protect both the consuming public and the important role that agents play in the protection of IP rights. We have begun to assess the competencies required for new and existing licensees to provide high-quality services to the public. 

We have developed a multi-year initiative to refine entry-level and continuing competencies. This includes: 

  • Competency frameworks: developing and validating the knowledge and technical competency frameworks for agents;   
  • Qualifying examinations: developing and implementing the new and enhanced qualifying examination system; and    
  • Education: exploring pre-requisite education and training, and continuing competence programs   

This initiative benefits from the support of many members of the professional community, including committee members, exam developers and evaluators. Being part of this esteemed group is a chance to give back, develop skills, gain recognition, and connect with others. 

Our next phase is to confirm that the draft profiles match industry IP practices and requirements. This involves a large-scale validation study for licensees. As a new independent professional regulator, CPATA requires the input, perspectives and expertise of patent and trademark agents to verify its work. The competency profiles belong to the profession. They will guide aspects of professional regulation and how it fits with a broad IP Strategy for years to come. 

Starting September 12, we invite all licensees to contribute to this vital work. The process will allow CPATA to collect and incorporate feedback from practitioners into the draft competency profiles.  

Licensees will receive an e-mail from with the subject: “Competency Profiles – Your Feedback / Profils de compétence – vos commentaires” on September 12 with a link to provide feedback.  

If you have any questions or comments about the competency initiative, please contact